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Can’t commit to classes or one to one training? Do you feel uncomfortable in group settings? Are you too busy? Does life seem to get in the way of your training plans?

Join my Online Community where you get unlimited access 24/7 to training videos and resources, a forum for support and discussion

Monthly Subscription Reopens July 2018

What we offer 

  • Written step by step guide and video tutorials
  • Access to all the Six Week Training Courses
    • Puppy Training
    • Puppy Training for Gundogs (Spaniels)
    • Mindfulness in Dog Training
    • Stop! Come! Click!  – Building a reliable recall and teaching impulse control around distractions
    • Clicker Addicts – Clicker Training Challenges for the those who love clicker training
    • Controlling Crazy Canines – Building Self Control and Frustration Tolerance in dogs
  • Questions and answers support forum
  • Trouble shooting
  • Puppy training, obedience training, life skills, gundog, self control and training games
  • Virtually meet other like minded members
  • Proven, Easy, Kind and Positive Methods
  • A safe place to ask for help and support
  • Upload your videos and get feedback and help
  • A qualified and experienced online canine and human coach