Clicker Addicts Week 3

Welcome to week one of the Clicker Addicts Course. This week we are going to look at capturing behaviour with the clicker or a verbal marker. Capturing is where the dog makes a choice and we mark and reward it. The dog will then think , hey I made a smart choice and will offer that behaviour again. We can then leave these off cue or add a cue to them. This is a more proactive approach to training., as you are rewarding the good stuff instead of just ignoring it and then thinking about training when a problem occurs and trying tot fix it. Owners usually capture and reward inappropriate attention seeking behaviours without knowing.  Eg stealing a sock is rewarded with a chase game. jumping up is rewarded with attention. Dogs learn really well like this. Good behaviours are usually on cue or instruction. They should also be captured and rewarded so they form part of the dogs choice based behaviours

This is where you can see the different between an obedient dog and a well behaved dog. An obedience dog does at it is told. A well behaved dog manages its own behaviour.  I would like both.

The Skills we aim to learn are :

Dog Skills 

  • Smart Choices Get Reinforced
  • To Manage Their Own Behaviour

Clicker Trainer Skills 

  • Clicker Timing
  • Reward Good Decisions/Choices
  • Be a Proactive Trainer

Watch the Following Videos on Capturing Behaviour

Capturing Eye Contact and Name Recognition

Capturing and Rewarding The Auto Sit

Week Three Training Tasks

  1. Demonstrate good timing of capturing and rewarding a sit
  2. Demonstrate good timing of capturing and rewarding eye contact
  3. Demonstrate the ability to capture and reward three other desirable behaviours at home
  4. Demonstrate the ability to capture and reward three other desirable behaviours outside

Please feel free to post videos on the facebook page of your progress and ask questions