5 Key Steps To Avoiding Puppy Problems

Puppies can be hard work.

Here are 5 Key steps to avoiding puppy problems

1) Choose the right puppy.
Research your breed, make sure it’s going to be suitable for your family and lifestyle. Speak to a professional trainer first for advice if you are unsure.
2) Get a puppy, not livestock
Research your breeder, make sure they health test, see the parents, ask about how and where they rear the puppies. Are they following an early neurological stimulation and socialisation program?
3) Be proactive not reactive.
Get your training and socialisation support from a professional from day one. Don’t wait till classes or a problem appears, get a home visit or two straight away.
4) Be wary of free advice.
Avoid free advice off Internet forums, groups and self acclaimed experts in the park. When it comes to dog training everyone is an expert and there is alot of bad advice out there. What might have worked for one dog might not work for another, it might even make things worse.
5) Do your homework.
The dog training industry is unregulated and it’s a buyer beware market. Make sure your trainer is experienced, skilled, has regulated qualifications and uses up to date modern methods.

Jane Ardern BSc (Hons) Dip.CABT Kennel Club Dog Trainer of the Year 2015