with Jane Ardern BSc (Hons) Dip.CABT, CAP2


Are you struggling to find training classes and courses in your area that specialise in positive gundog training?

Are you muddling through the training on your own and not confident you’re doing it right?

Do your local positive pet trainers struggle to handle and understand your high drive working dog?

Do you sometimes think you have bitten off more than you can chew?

Do you want focus, control, connected hunting, steadiness and beautifully delivered retrieves, all trained without harsh handling?

If you have answered Yes to one or more of these questions then you have come to the right place!!


Positive Gundog Training Online Courses

You can book my stand alone courses for pet and working gundogs


Positive Gundog Puppy Training 



This Course will help you learn about positive dog training methods such as lure and reward, free shaping and capturing. There are five modules full of practical foundation training, foundation impulse control, socialisation, life skills and games and activities specifically for gundog breeds.

Foundation Positive Gundog Training 

Foundation Handler Skills for Positive Gundog Training

This course has plenty of theory for those looking for a more in depth understanding of dog training and will help you understand , how dogs learn, the science behind the methods and approach we use, what positive training is and why we use it. You will learn how to use it effectively taking you as a handler through the different methods in positive training, giving you solid foundation handler skills.

Level One Gundog Course – Foundation Handler Skills for Dog Training

Foundation Life Skills and Impulse Control  for Positive Gundog Training

This course will take you through several foundation training exercises. Teaching your dog how to wait quietly and patiently, delay gratification and tolerate the frustration that there are some things in life you cannot have. It will show you how to teach your dog to relax and be calm as well as remain controlled when excited and in arousal. The Course covers how to reward choice based behaviour and use this to motivate the dog to control it’s impulses.

This course is currently only available to subscription members 

Level One Gundog Course – Foundation Life Skills and Impulse Control for Positive Gundog Training



Progressive Positive Gundog Training 

Whistle Training , Pole and Placeboards for Direction, Clicker Training the Retrieve, Hunting, The Stop Whistle , and Water Training, Heelwork

Coming Soon ……………………….

£80 per course (read only access) 


WaggaWuffins Canine Community

Alternatively you can join my online community , this is a personal a private group of members who get access to all courses, weekly live webinars with me, all previous recorded webinars, video vault access and access to my private facebook group for discussions, videos and general positive dog training chat


Community Membership is £79.95 per month on a monthly subscription. You can cancel this at anytime through your paypal account yourself


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