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Welcome to my Online Community Membership Website

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Can’t commit to classes or one to one training? Do you feel uncomfortable in group settings? Are you too busy? Does life seem to get in the way of your training plans?

Join my Online Community where you get unlimited access 24/7 to training videos and resources, forum for support and discussion and access to our private facebook group for just £39.95 per month

You subscribe using paypal, which means if you want to cancel at any time you can do this yourself through your paypal account. If you have a financially tough month or life gets in the way of dog training you can cancel your subscription and then just resubscribe when you are ready.

There is no hard selling or fancy marketing here, this is just run by myself to give you a professional yet personal and friendly platform to get help and support with your furry friend, just like I offer in my classes and home visits.

What we offer 

  • Written step by step guides and video tutorials. There are currently 50+ video tutorials in the library.
  • Access to the Six Week Training Courses – There are currently 4 courses in the community
    • Puppy Training
    • Puppy Training for Gundogs (Spaniels)
    • Mindfulness in Dog Training
    • Stop! Come! Click!  – Building a reliable recall and teaching impulse control around distractions
    • Clicker Addicts – Clicker Training Challenges for the those who love clicker training
    • Controlling Crazy Canines – Building Self Control and Frustration Tolerance in dogs
  • Questions and answers support forum and Facebook group
  • Trouble shooting
  • Puppy training, obedience training, life skills, gundog, self control and training games
  • Virtually meet other like minded members
  • Weekly live Webinar with Jane
  • Proven, Easy, Kind and Positive Methods
  • A safe place to ask for help and support
  • The option to upload your videos and get feedback and help
  • A qualified and experienced online canine and human coach

Want to sign up to our monthly subscription for £39.95 per month and receive full access to tutorials and courses? Click here to go to the registration page

Unlimited Access to All Courses, Videos, Webinars and the Community with The Monthly Membership Subscription 



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